“Is where we’re building pipelines to success not prisons!”

boy arrested

The PFA sponsors a youth mentoring program, which is aimed at creating opportunities etc. for at-risk and inner-city youth. The goal is to create and/or pool resources and connect the youth with mentors whose focus will be on keeping them out of the prison system and into college and other positive alternatives.

hands on bars in jail

  • A program that mentors 8 –16 year old at-risk youth and provides support, care and attention
  • The program mentors represent knowledge, reflection, insight, wisdom and hope.
  • They offer understanding, compassion, strategy, and good advice on how to handle everyday challenges.
  • Creates an atmosphere of trust, issues a challenge(s), provides encouragement, and offer the mentee a positive vision of themselves.
  • Understand that mentoring the next generation of youth is critical to the future health and prosperity of our nation.
  • Sponsor youth-oriented activities such as concerts, charitable events, fundraisers, outings, etc.
  • The youth will be better prepared to face the challenges of life and be given a chance.

Purpose and Goals of the Program
  • Is to save these kids and give them a since of hope and pride by providing positive role models.
  • Improved emotional health, social skills, knowledge and academic performance.
  • Develop tomorrows leaders through:
    • Improved self- esteem
    • Better relationships with parents and peers
    • Greater school connectedness
    • Improved academic performance
    • Avoidance of substance use, violence, and other risk behaviors